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Featuring globally-recognised thought leaders, Innovation Zero will highlight not only the key challenges our planet faces, but holistic, collaborative ways in which we can rise to the occasion and overcome the climate crisis.

Sustainability stars will demonstrate world-changing financial, scientific, legislative and social solutions.

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The energy trilemma, global geopolitics and current supply crunch has brought about a laser-like focus on the need for innovation to lead the UK to a new era of energy sovereignty, security & sustainability.

There is a need to develop all 3 simultaneously by decarbonising existing production, rapidly scaling new energy sources and quickly deploying innovative technologies in renewables, hydrogen, storage and energy efficiency; with the right blend of policy stimulus, investment and innovation the UK is uniquely placed to demonstrate global leadership in these new energy paradigms.

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Today, transport accounts for a quarter of UK’s GHG emissions. While figures have improved in recent years, monumental changes are still required to transform the sector. Speakers will explore challenges, opportunities and solutions across all corners of mobility including buses, micromobility, rail, aviation, and passenger vehicles.

According to the World Bank, 7 out of 10 people will live in cities by 2050. Innovation Zero will provide a platform to those seeking to find how road infrastructure, traffic management and EV innovations can improve urban and inter-urban travel whilst also bolstering communities and local economies.

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Industry, manufacturing and resource management contribute approximately 30% of global emissions, the impact of which is felt across all sectors.

Join us to hear:

  • Progress reports and direction from the Industrial Clusters.
  • Progress on and requirements for resource efficient processes.
  • Priorities and partner requirements from industrial sector leaders.
  • Technology success stories and associated opportunities.
  • Investment trends and opportunities for the sector.

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The advent of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 plus the rapid realisation that decarbonisation needs swift and urgent action means industry is at the forefront of innovating to “zero”. Whether that be decarbonising the energy sources that drive process industries or reusing outputs in innovative ways in the circular economy, industry will play the leading role.

Innovation Zero recognises the actions that need to take place, offering unparalleled thought leadership sessions, and unique collaboration and trading opportunities for major industry players.

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In order to enable the low carbon transition, we need trillions, not billions. According to McKinsey, “The transformation of the global economy needed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 would be universal and significant, requiring $9.2 trillion in annual average spending on physical assets, $3.5 trillion more than today”.

How do we unlock the trillions? With thought-provoking discussions from VCs, PEs, pension funds, banks, and leading financial associations, our sessions will uncover how to create and direct capital in order to bankroll the net zero transition.

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With esteemed ministers from across the globe, Innovation Zero is a platform for the latest policy announcements driving the net-zero transition on a regional, national, and international scale.

The event will also deliver standards updates, legislative priorities, and governments’ visions for green international trade. In partnership with the UK government, Innovation Zero is the most important net-zero policy congress in the country.

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and the climate crisis is a prime example. The challenge is daunting, but it also gives us an opportunity to radically change the way we develop cutting-edge technologies.

When it comes to solving climate change, is it possible to reinvent the wheel? At Innovation Zero, we give a platform to those who are tackling the climate emergency with fresh eyes and bold ideas.

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Food Agri

Feeding the world shouldn’t cost the earth. According to the UN, food systems account for over a third of global GHG emissions. As the world population creeps toward 8 billion, and as developing countries gain greater access to food and agriculture, we need to rethink how we feed humanity.

Thankfully, pioneering solutions are achieving investment, scale, and public support. From circularity in food waste to vertical farming and alternative proteins, Innovation Zero is a hub for those seeking ways transform food across the supply chain, from farm to fridge.

Food & Agri Decarbonising Working Group