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Green Future Project 

Green Future Project is a climate tech, B-Corp, and RINA-certified digital partner. 

Green Future Project aims to be the strategic partner to guide companies in a comprehensive and integrated sustainability journey through a single platform. From monitoring energy consumption and direct and indirect CO2e emissions to their reduction, to implementing solutions for carbon footprint offsetting and supporting environmental projects through specific subscriptions. Thanks to Green Future Project's advanced technology, companies can monitor their environmental impact in real-time, track project progress through data and satellite images, and report on results achieved.

​​Moreover, GFP also supports companies in communicating their environmental commitment to actively engage their community and stakeholders. Finally, GFP also offers ESG strategic consultancy to help companies integrate sustainability into their business model.

With a portfolio of high-impact environmental projects, Green Future Project offers the opportunity to finance the regeneration and conservation of natural reserves, the development of renewable energy plants, and the regeneration of marine habitats. The projects are selected based on three fundamental criteria: biodiversity protection, involvement of local communities, and CO2 compensation and sequestration.

Since 2022 Green Future Project has been B Corp certified, and in July 2022 it was awarded The Best For The World in the Governance impact area. In addition to its Milan office, Green Future Project has operations in Abu Dhabi, where it was selected as one of the top climate-tech startups in the region by the Hub71 accelerator.

How does it work Green Future Project

The service offered by Green Future Project is scalable and allows anyone to support projects according to their needs.

For companies:

1. E-commerce and App API: allows a monthly investment of a percentage of sales or a fixed amount in high-impact projects. This solution can also be automatically integrated through an API connecting e-commerce transactions to live climate counters. 

2. Climate Positive Subscription: allows you to offset your staff's carbon footprint by setting up a monthly plan that equals your carbon footprint. 

3. CO2 Offset: through this service, companies and individuals can offset the desired amount of CO2 emissions by directly purchasing carbon credits or biodiversity credits and carbon tokens from Invest Conservation.

4. Energy & Carbon Footprint: in collaboration with strategic partner Pilio, it enables the calculation of corporate Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and monitors energy consumption to mitigate costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

The Green Future Project platform: a personalized experience

The Green Future Project portal is an interactive platform that also enables analytical services. By accessing it, users can obtain: real-time data to monitor their impact and in-depth interactive content that can also be consulted through 3D models of the projects supported. Each user has the ability to download the Impact Report related to the positive impact generated and share it with clients, stakeholders and community. In addition, through API integration, you can display your impact metrics directly on your website or app.

International tema

Founded in Rome by CEO Pietro Pasolini with the help of two co-founders Zain Tarawneh, Chief Growth Officer and Briano Martinoni, CCO, Green Future Project now has offices in Milan and Abu Dhabi. Also part of the management team are Byron Peasland, COO, Sartaj Singh, CTO and Matt Levy, VP Engineering.

Strategic Partners and Impact

Green Future Projects collaborates with a network of international NGOs: Fundación Jocotoco, Eden Reforestation Projects, Alligator Head Foundation, RocciaViva Foundation, MEDSEA Foundation, Azraq, Verra Carbon Standard. Green Future Project's strategic partners include: Pilio, the Oxford University spin-off specializing in carbon auditing services; Orbify, which, by monitoring projects in real time using satellite imagery, provides annual reports on the status of sites. Thanks to the interconnection between GFP and  RINA, the latter's clients will be able to access certified projects to conclude their decarbonization journey.

Green Future Project offers its clients the opportunity to purchase biodiversity credits and carbon tokens from Invest Conservation (IC) to offset their carbon footprint. 

IC is an organization dedicated to safeguarding tropical forests that are at high risk of deforestation and within which are the so-called biodiversity hotspots.

GFP's manifesto in a nutshell 

  • Simplify a major challenge by making it easier and more accessible to track and understand 'impact.

  • Change through collective action. The actions we take today determine the tomorrow of our Planet. 

  • Making sustainability the new norm. Demonstrating that regenerative measures and forest conservation can be profitable for organizations.

  • Responsibility through solidarity. Organizations and individuals have a responsibility to engage in positive climate action, building a great global community.


Key numbers


  • Trees planted: 377,636

  • Protected land: 52.62 hectares of forest

  • CO2 offset: 18,495 tons

  • Renewable energy produced: 11,878 MWh



10 projects in 7 countries and 4 continents.

  • Reforestation: Indonesia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Italy

  • Conservation: Ecuador, Colombia

  • Marine ecosystem conservation: Jamaica

  • Renewable energy: India

*The portfolio of active projects on the GFP platform, are meticulously selected by the scientific board-as well as for Greenhouse Gas absorption capacity-to have the greatest impact on biodiversity protection, preservation of IUCN Red List species and active involvement of local communities.


500+ individual subscribers and 90+ partner companies from numerous sectors from fashion to hospitality, renewable energy to food & beverage, finance to motorsport.